Since as far back as I can remember, my entire life has been surrounded by Law enforcement. My childhood started out with constant day-dreaming of becoming an accomplished Police Officer. Growing up and being active outside with the neighborhood kids was important, because the community also became our family. Therefore in my later years, it was no surprise to me, that I pursued a career path in law enforcement.

I'm passionate about my job, which makes it hard to put into words for me. I can not begin to describe the meaning behind the moments on a shooting call, when I had to save my partner’s life, but I've done it. The training and sacrifice all first responders make on a daily basis, is selfless and brave. These impactful occasions have lead me down a path to create, "The Badge Life”.

A "Brand" that all first responders could call "their own & associate with"... "The Badge Life" speaks for itself and us”.

Staying fit and healthy is important, having the proper nutrition and workout gear is just as imperative. My passion for fitness drove me to create something we all could proudly wear. It's also a bond we share. Our fitness level could mean the difference between us making it home at the end of watch.

I was taught to have a "Never Settle" attitude and to push yourself for what you believe in. With the right tools and mindset it's amazing what you can accomplish. Success is a long journey that begins with a decision. In everything we do we must remain true to ourselves and respectful of others. 

Encourage others by starting with yourself. Be all that you imagined you could be. Never Settle.

Proudly owned and operated by an active LEO.

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